I had the pleasure of merchandising this beautiful little store located in Creemore, ON called Mumba over the holidays. Founded by artist and designer Brenda Brown, Mumba is a one of a kind rustic little haven where you can find everything from artwork, unique home accents, to custom barnboard & other wood furnishings. The vibe is cozy, warm and welcoming. With that being said, I absolutely loved helping out here.

You can find out more at:



Girl Crush: Ophelia Cache


I stumbled upon this divine Magickal creature this morning and instantly became a little obsessed. Her music makes you feel like you have just stepped into a dark smokey room lit by candlelight surrounding an altar. There is this enchanting and mournful undertone to her songs, as her voice flows in and around the instrumentals with this timeless, ethereal quality. With a magical/gothic vibe to her music and aesthetic that leaves you a little spellbound, she draws you into a new age jazz/blues underworld of sound.

Listen for your self.

Now, I need to go to NYC and watch a show. Get it gurl.

Check her out:

Deap Vally Girl Crush

With their “no-fucks-given” attitude, unapologetic sound and lyrics; Deap Vally is feminist and raw af. I love their minimalist 90s punk meets blues rock sound. Lindsey Troy is basically Janis Joplin reincarnated with her growls, howls and screams. I get so excited when I find new music inspiration. I also have a thing for all girl rock bands because we need more of those, especially ones with a voice as powerful as this one.

Um, and can we also just acknowledge how hot they are… like the fringe crop top avec disco shorts on Linsdey, while you have her drummer, Julie wearing all 80s rock garb. I am salivating.

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