Baby Jane Blue


The Look:
Free People Shaggy Fringe Cardigan
Free People Mesh Sequined Baby Doll Dress
DIY Embroidered Patchwork Jeans
DIY Rusty Gold Suede Boots
Thrifted Vintage Lilac Frames (VV Boutique- you know what it is girl)
So, I am a huuuge free people lover. I’ve had this fringe duster cardigan for a couple years now, and it is still hands down the most favored piece in my non-matching eclectic wardrobe. My cousin calls it my *sheep jacket* (brat)

It’s safe to say I have clothing that others would find cringe worthy and its OK. I love my Clover Canyon beach print tunic that looks like a tent anyways with all of it’s tacky and unique glory LOL. (I’ll make sure to do a fun shoot in that one too)

I have been dabbling in a few DIY projects here and there and the most recent endeavor is the creation of these lovely hippie-esque embroidered patchwork jeans. I, personally think they are wonderful and I plan on making more! Maybe for sale, we will see.

I also took it upon my self to spray paint these thrifted beige suede boots which transformed into the ones I am wearing here. I originally wanted them to look more rustic, and they turned out like this instead. Kinda 70’s, kinda glam. Oh well, I don’t mind them. C’est la vie!




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