Bohemian Blue



I’ve always said, “Live your life for you, with no apologies. Do what makes you feel alive and follow the call of the wild” Mantras, mantras.

I have always been one who learns through self inflicted lessons, I am naturally defiant and I have the tendency to not take (sometimes) wise advice given. With that being said,  I have also taken many risks and have had so many amazing cloud 9 experiences because of this nature of mine. It has been a constant battle between wanting to feel at home and grounded somewhere, anywhere, and then also completely wanting explicit freedom and this yearning to not being tied to anywhere in particular. So, the thing I remember is no matter where I am, I am in this body and I have my self. I am stuck here, through the good and bad. I am alive and I can feel the sun on my face, and experience the highs and the lows of this human experience… and really that is what this journey is all about. Experience, experience, experience!

We can get a little caught up in trying to maintain a state of internal positivity. I know from my personal experience of struggling with depression and anxiety most of my life- you can feel offended when people tell you to just be positive and everything will be fine. Well, I’d like to say that’s all great for those who can do that, but my life has seemed to be a constant war within. (But that’s ok) We have memes and articles thrown at us everyday with this idea that negative thoughts and emotions are bad. We need to remember we are human and we are here for the human experience and the usage of the word *bad* is subjective. Because, nothing is bad and nothing is good. You only have duality.

In closing, you can only learn for your self what works for you and what doesn’t.. what propels you into the life that you dream of and what experiences show you exactly what you don’t want.


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